Safety and Security

Saftey and Security of images.

All of our photographers are home based and keep their secure, archived images at their home address.

The images are recorded in the camera by a memory card. The image remains on the memory card for 6 weeks before being deleted from the card.

From the card, the images are downloaded onto the photographer’s personal laptop for cropping and editing. The image remains on the laptop for 6 months before being archived onto an external hard drive, that remains securely stored at the photographer’s home, indefinitely. To ensure the privacy of the images, the laptop is password protected and is only accessible by the photographer.

The images are then uploaded to a secure Head Office printing facility for the printing of the photographs. Once the photographs are printed they are returned to the photographer by 1st class mail.

On receiving the photographs the photographer will then mount and bag the photos and deliver them to the nursery for the parent’s perusal.

Any unsold photographs are picked up from the Nursery by the photographer, approximately 2 weeks after delivery. The unsold photographs are then taken out of their mounts and shredded. Unfortunately the shredded photographs are not recyclable due to their plastic coating and therefore eventually end up in land fill.