Home Sitting Children Photographs

   ABC Photography's home sitting service makes the portrait experience more relaxing, pleasant and hassle-free for you. We have found that children and babies being photographed in their own home are much more comfortable than in a studio. This of course, means better photos for you and your family.

Home Sitting from ABC Photography    When our photographer arrives for your home sitting, they will bring a background, studio lights and a little chaise for the children to sit on. This portable home sitting studio takes roughly 10 minutes to set-up and we find that normally, a home sitting will only take 15 to 20 minutes to shoot.

Using digital photography allows us not only to take the pictures in a quick and hassle-free manner, it also means that, with the aid of a laptop, we can show you these images instantly - you then choose the ones you like most!    

Now, the only problem you are left with is choosing which of the beautiful images you would like printing!

No Hidden Charges

   There are no hidden charges. We are honest, up-front and list below all that you will pay.

   All High Street Studios charge a sitting fee. This is a fee to cover the photographers time and can vary from £45 upwards. We, in this respect, are no different. Our usual sitting fee is £45.

   The only other thing to pay for on a home sitting is of course the photographs that you wish to purchase. There is no minimum order whether you buy 1 or 100 photos the cost will be as below. 

  6" x 4" in mount £ 15.00  pigtails
  9" x 6" in mount £ 30.00
10" x 8" in mount £ 40.00
16" x 12"  Framed £ 125.00
20" x 16"  Framed £150.00
30" x 20"  Framed £200.00
16" x 12"  Canvas £150.00
20" x 16"  Canvas £200.00
30" x 20"  Canvas £250.00


Simply call to book your sitting on:  



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                             Cheshire  Tel.  07734 30 77 68 Email: cheshire@abcphotos.co.uk

                             Northamptonshire  Tel.  0784 7013727 Email: kirit(at)abcphotos(dot)co(dot)uk

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